The Universe Doesn’t Give Exams



Sometimes I hear people say things like, “I guess the universe is testing me,” or “Why does the universe keep testing me like that?” (Add your own dramatic whining for impact). But, as my angel friend named Morty once told me, there are no quizzes in Heaven. So unless you’re still in high school or standing in a long line at the DMV, chances are you won’t be tested anytime soon. The truth is that the universe has other, more pressing matters to tend to, such as holding itself together by keeping the electrons and protons of several hundreds of  billions of galaxies in working order. A fairly tall task I’d say. So do you really think the universe might put the Milky Way on hold for a few minutes to test you on your faith? Yeah, me neither.

When things don’t go our way it’s always the result of our previous thinking. End of story. Sure, it may be something cruel we said or did, but even those things start with thought. It would be impossible to have a kind thought and then kick the dog; thoughts precede everything. We have to remember that any thought we have that isn’t joy-filled is fair game for the boomerang effect. The boomerang effect simply says that we never, ever, ever get away with thinking something about ourselves or someone else that won’t come back at us like a boomerang. When we entertain serious self-doubt, fear, hate, anger or sadness, that boomerang may smack us in the head like at a really bad day at the dog park.

It’s also important to note that time is not always linear in how things come back to be with us. The universe doesn’t seem to be on the same schedule as say, your local post office or the UPS guy. You may think something snarky on Monday and get boomeranged back in the head two weeks later. And then there you are, rubbing your little wounded forehead at the scene of your fender bender asking, “why does the universe keep testing me like this?” Other times, things come seemingly out of the blue, just like a boomerang in slow-mo, but trust me, just because you don’t remember tossing it out there doesn’t mean you didn’t. Boomerangs are smart like that.

Sometimes at workshops people will tell me how excited they are that the universe “rewarded” them, and I usually let it slide. After all, it’s never a bad idea to wink up at the sky and give the Big Guy a little credit now and then (can you imagine how heavy Jupiter must get?). But in truth, the same thing applies: you experienced some really great thoughts –that were accompanied by some really joyful feelings—and they’re coming back to be with you. Only on these occasions, that boomerangs sails softly into your hands and you start doing the victory dance for catching it with such grace and ease.

I know some of you came to this post with your pencils sharpened and your thinking caps screwed on tightly, and since I hate to disappoint I thought I’d prepare a short T/F test that the universe might give you, just to make you happy. Ready?

  1.  If I yell at my neighbor for parking in my space it’s not going to matter:                              T  F
  2. If I hold the door open for that little old man I’m boomeranging out in the right way:    T  F
  3. If I say, think, or do something really unkind, it will never catch up with me:                   T  F
  4. The universe plays favorites and I always get ripped off:                                                              T F
  5. If I respond rather than react I’ll get hit in the head a heck of a lot less:                                T F

Well? How’d you do? Here’s the thing: the quality of your thoughts and emotions are clear indicators of the quality of your life. The things you thought yesterday have resulted in the life you are living today and the things you are thinking today are laying the foundation for what you’ll be living tomorrow. No one ever said it was easy. Shit happens. People get sick, fired, lose their homes, and even say mean things about you in line at the drive-thru.

The key, I really believe, is to respond as elegantly as we are able with as little ruckus and fuss and drama as possible. Once we pick ourselves up from a rough patch, and then manage to maintain a mostly positive and joyful mind-set, we’ll begin to understand that we ourselves are the true test-givers, and that it’s perfectly fine to sneak a peek at the answers since the only grade book there is belongs to us. No studying necessary, just plenty of practicing. Re-wiring your brain is the best way ever to override bad beliefs, reduce stress and create change. Do you Medicreate? Start now!

Make it a great week!

The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention

P.S. did you download my perfectly FREE e-book that helps you put all this into play? It’s a terrific 100-page reminder to read when you need a quick pick up. Also, be sure and read my conversation with an angel that is sure to crack you up.


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Your Gift

Morty cloud

I’m so excited to help you on your journey to a better life–after all, we’re all in this together, right? Choose Now, Simple Truths to Stay on Track is my new, short e-book that you can read a bit of each day. It’s filled with quotes from inspiring people, as well as the ‘brass tacks’ of co-creation, neuroscience, and Medicreation. It’s a little bit of a honed down version of Law of Distraction, without Morty and my smart ass commentary (sorry, it’s just how I roll).  Anyway, subscribe to my blog and you’ll be sent this little gem that I promise is jam-packed full of sexy facts to keep you on track. Also, I promise not to spam you or ask you out to dinner. You’ll only get the occasional update from me about exciting events, or my weekly informative post. Thank you, love you, Namaste.

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What’s a Brain To Do? (Intentions Workshop)


Neuroscience is the sexiest thing since Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise if you ask me.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’ve always been a big fan of the unknown powers of the mind (and Brad Pitt). Yeah, I was the kid at the garage sales spending her meager allowance on books with titles like, “How to Hypnotize Anyone” and “The Secret Powers of Your Mind.” That was me. Age ten (I sill have the first one). Fast forward to a couple degrees and certifications later, and I’m still up to my old tricks, but you know what? They work. And neuroscience explains how (finally).

Simply put we now know that we’re not “stuck” thinking the past thoughts that we’ve been running on cruise control for the majority of our lives. It works like this: the majority of our outcomes (aka the things we have in our lives now–both good and not so good) are a result of our past actions (behaviors). Would you agree so far?  Well, the challenge we have is that most of those past actions are based on past thinking that is largely (95% give or take) subconscious. So in order to change old thoughts that no longer serve us, we must replace old thought with new ones. We know now that the brain is plastic like a wad of Silly Putty, so with a little rolling around (thought/emotion management), we can create new grooves (neuropathways) that will eventually become our new, ingrained ways of thinking. New thoughts on the subconscious level creates new actions on all levels.

But what about the Fairy Dust?

You want magic? Great, because it’s not in short supply. Quantum physics is no laughing matter when it comes to crazy, but guys who win Nobel Peace Prizes (aka geniuses) know that it’s true. While science has yet to catch up with the miracle making possibilities that await each of us, it knows enough to tell us that our thoughts vibrate at particular frequencies, and that when matched with emotions of equal and elevated intensity and expectation, it’s entirely possible to “change” things in our physical environment. Mind over matter, baby, full throttle.

The Field of infinite possibilities is comprised of subatomic waves and particles. That’s science. It’s also science that shows us that these waves and particles are interchangeable and can be influenced by thought. So when you add all this together, it’s pretty undeniable that when we use neuroscience to change our thoughts to the degree we can connect with the quantum field, we can create our intentions. Change starts in our brains, so you can start creating new thoughts now. Today! But it takes commitment and practice, and I can show you how with my process called “Medicreation.”

Come learn more Saturday, November 15th at Aha Yoga at Sunrise and Madison 1-3 p.m. Don’t worry, no yoga. However, bring a mat or a blanket, or a pillow since you’ll be sitting on the floor for the workshop part and laying down for the Medicreating part. The fee is $50, for 2-hours that can change your life if you let it. Here’s more about me and my background, just so you know I’m not a woo woo fruit loop—well, for the most part :-). Here’s more about how your mind/brain work.

It helps if you read my latest book that goes into deeper explanation than the workshop, but it’s not necessary.

We can only take 25 reservations, so please don’t RSVP unless you’ll be there. You can pay at the door.

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Three Ways to Reduce Your Stress & Improve Your Life

images (1)

We all know it.

Stress compromises our immune systems, causes us to gain weight, and is just plain bad for us. I find the more I speak, teach, and coach, the more rampant stress has become today than it was when I first entered the personal development industry almost 15 years ago. Why is that? Perhaps our “stress epidemic” is a result of moving too fast at warp speed. Think about it–most of us are hyper-focused on how we can get things done faster and easier, right? Seeing something the other day on Facebook about drive thru funeralshad to be the icing on the fat free cake. I don’t even want people to see me dead, let alone have someone accidentally order a cheeseburger at my last gig. So why are we so stressed out?

I think it’s a self-perpetuating spiral that stems from a deeper need to be accepted, admired, and adored. But then I think a lot of things stem from our subconscious programming (because most of them do). At any rate, the good news is that there is help that goes beyond popping a pill (please don’t), or having a heart attack (definitely don’t). New research in brain science confirms that it’s never too late to train our brains to work in new ways.  Neuroscience and psychology are providing new pathways for new neuropathways that literally rewire the way you think.  Stress is ultimately about our internal reaction to external circumstances, so when we address it at that level, we can gain much more control over our responses to events in our lives.

I’m reading an excellent book by Don Joseph Goewey called, The End of Stress, Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain. This book is a must-have for people who recognizes that stress is impacting their lives. And here’s a newsflash: that includes all of us.

Three Ways to Reduce Stress

1)  Read the book above! Tune in to hear the author on my show this week too. If you read his bio on the  show page, I think you’ll see that his experience and background are most impressive, and as I said, his book rocks, so get it here.

2) Try yoga. I know, I know, but trust me. There are so many kinds of yoga that virtually anyone can find something that works. I recently tried restorative yoga, and honestly, it was almost like taking a nap–but it’s amazing. My good friend Norm wrote this article for the Huff Post on the benefits of yoga, so give it a read. Even if you can’t make it to a studio, consider some form of yoga stretching at home before bed or before you start your day.

3) Meditate. You knew that was coming right? I mean, how can a meditation teacher not tell you to meditate? And of course, I’m rather fond of my own brand of Medicreation where you add your intentions and rewire your brain for positive change. One of the biggest beefs I hear from my readers and workshop participants is that it’s “too hard” to sit still and calm down. And of course, that’s because our brainwaves are on overdrive. I am a big proponent of brain entrainment technology which helps you reach a deeper meditative (or Medicreative) state faster (and we like fast, right?) You can even try it free on my site, or you can use the link and shop around.

Above all, give yourself permission to be present. Take your time, don’t take yourself so seriously, and enjoy the ride. Life is too short to  to short-circuit out because of something someone said or did. Take control of your mind and your emotions and live more fully.


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Your Choice


Life is full of them. In fact, many of us fail to exercise our right to make them and that in and of itself is one of the main reasons for unhappiness. Taking responsibility for the fact that we always have choices is probably the biggest obstacle people face. I can hear someone saying to me, “Well, I didn’t have much of a choice when…” Fill in the blank.  No, maybe you didn’t,  but would you deny the fact that you had a choice in how you responded to whatever it was that happened? And moreover, that you have choices how you will proceed from this point forward?

Many people remain stuck because they refuse to assume the simple but empowering understanding that they are indeed able to choose differently if they so desire. The most important choice is the choice to focus on what we want instead of lamenting over we are experiencing. A typical example I have heard at least 500 times is over relationships. Let’s break it down. If you are in an unhappy relationship you have choices: 1) leave the relationship;  or  2) stay in the relationship.  If you decide to stay in the relationship you still have choices: 1) focus on how miserable you are;  or  2) focus on ways to improve the relationship;  or  3) construct a plan to later leave the relationship. See how that works?

The most important choice you will ever make is to manage your mind and emotions.

Read that again. If you think about it, regardless of what’s going on in the world around you, your ability (and choice) to exercise your right to respond in ways that best serve you is the single most important factor. Our responses do not always change circumstances, but they can alter and affect them. However, what’s important is that our mastery over how we respond to the world around us has everything to do with creating the future circumstances we’ll be experiencing.

Let’s look at another example. Say someone wants to double his income. He says he wants it and is determined to make that intention into a reality. Then he dives into a book, for example, tries all the techniques—for five minutes or maybe for a few days—then says something about how he really wants to believe change can happen, but for some reason it’s just not happening for him. Poor puppy. Let’s review.

First off, if he made the choice to change and really meant it, then his critical first step would involve assuming responsibility for all the previous choices in his life that have led him to this very moment. No blame or shame, just cop to it. He made choices—from the people he spent time with to the jobs he took, to the time he wasted watching television, to the choice of focusing on lack instead of solutions. We make a choice when we yell at someone, obsess about a deal that went bad, or talk smack about somebody we know because we’re addicted to gossip.

How many times do you see people on social media immersed in the latest drama, arguing about which politician is the most evil or how infuriated they are about this or that? Choices. How many times have you decided that something someone did is beyond forgiveness? Another choice. How often do you spend time and money on things that will numb you from admitting the choices you have already made are not that fun to live with?

We all do it. Drink and eat too much, shop or gamble more than we can comfortably afford, or not follow through on promises we make to ourselves about any of those things. Even stopping the worst addiction begins with a choice to try.

Science now shows us that we can create new neural pathways that will result in different ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. New thoughts, better moods, more effective actions.

It’s never too late to change your brain or your choices. Make up your mind how you want to live and then work toward creating that reality. Tune in to listen to my guest Thursday,  Dr. John B. Arden, one of the pioneers in brain-based therapy and the Director of Training for Kaiser Northern California (click here for show).

 Want more? Read my books or learn about your mind

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Dealing With Depression


The deeper I dive into neuroscience as it applies to our success, the more I realize how much our brains have to do with our moods, behaviors,  and actions (or inaction). The good news is that we can change our lives any way we want to. The bad news is, we may be so poorly programmed by now that the light at the end of the tunnel seems sure to be from an oncoming train.

I was recently chatting it up with Noah St. John on my show (listen here) about the role our thoughts play in our success, and Noah said something I’d been thinking about for weeks. He mentioned the idea that even Robin Williams might have made different choices had he a better understanding of how he could have changed his brain. Now, understand I am not denying the reality of “clinically depressed” patients or chemical imbalances in the brain. But let’s go deeper down the bunny hole, shall we?

With the exception of a small number of people (those with severe psychosis, for example), most of our emotion-management is within our control. Now before you start throwing rebuttals at me (and keep in mind, I will throw them right back, all wrapped in magic fairy dust), just hear me out. According to Harvard Medical School studies depression is all about the brain. When the average person says, “oh, it’s a chemical imbalance,” that is plenty true. In fact, the regions of the brain that are usually involved with depression are the amygdala, the thalamus, and the hippocampus. When our brains release neurotransmitters (chemicals), they connect neuron to neuron (nerves, dendrites). This causes electrical impulses that can wire neurons together. This has everything to do with how we feel. In other words, our brain regulates our moods (which then affect our behaviors, actions, and outlooks).

So what does that mean? Well, for starters we have to recognize that all that goobledy gook tells us mainly, we are not destined to be depressed. Sure, some of us are more genetically (or conditionally) disposed to certain responses to external events, but listen up: Babies are not born depressed. And even our friends at the most prestigious medical schools acknowledge that the way we respond and interpret our individual circumstances is precisely what determines HOW the neurotransmitters act and how they will fire and wire together, thus regulate our moods.

When we don’t apply certain practices, then yes, we can lose control; enter the world of “clinical depression.” It’s what makes amazing people like Robin Williams take an early exit. But there are ways this can be prevented. Of course if someone is in deep depression, then an outside hand (therapist, medication, etc.) may be warranted. However, let’s look at what we can do to rewire our brains so that we actually “train” them away from moods that slow us down or behaviors that can destroy us.

I am not a fan of medication. Anti-depressants, as one example, simply force neurotransmitters to fire for ‘fake’ relief. Once the medication stops, the condition returns–sometime worse. Instead, we can learn to rewire our brains for permanent change. As Dr. John B. Arden says in his book, Rewire Your Brain, medication is not the answer when we are completely capable of changing our moods by simply caring for our brains, bodies, and thoughts more effectively.

This why I am such a huge proponent of Medicreation. Or meditation, whatever you want to call it,  but here’s the deal: You cannot possible change your brain to react differently to external stimuli when you are constantly absorbed in that stimuli. You must go within and change your brain at an internal level. We can only accomplish this through silence, reflection, and creating NEW neural pathways through our blessed imaginations.

  • Here’s a great article on ways to work with depression on the physical and emotional level (click here)
  • Dr. Arden’s book (click here) PS he will be my guest next week!
  • Additional source: Harvard Medical School (click here)
  • You can learn more about your brain on Medicreation (click here)

 If you want to learn more about how to manage your mind and emotions, read my latest book which is delivered with humor, but rock-hard science, too. (Click Here)

toothfairy Have a beautiful life with lots of extra magic fairy dust. XO

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When Good Minds Gather and a FREEBIE for YOU!

download (6)

  In his groundbreaking work, Dr. Masaru Emoto talked about  how  groups of people have gathered around polluted bodies of water and sent good intentions for cleansing them. In these cases, the combined intention actually caused the water to be measurably clearer. Likewise, repeated studies are documented that show when focus groups concentrate on reducing a certain city’s crime rate, crime drops to a statistically significant degree for an approximate 24 hour period. In an additional study shared by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a prayer group was able to successfully unwind strands of DNA in test tubes up to 25% of the time. This all takes talent, right?

No. It takes intention, emotion, and directed focus.

While the power of our minds is beyond anything science can currently understand or even calculate, we know that intention–when executed correctly–can be very powerful. When you take the focused intent of more than one mind, especially when those minds are honed in on the same thing and in the right way, the results can be astonishing. Now you can experience this power first hand, and get something beyond unraveled DNA strands.

I’m holding a Group Intentions Medicreation and the first one is FREE!!!! Let me tell you how this works and what you can get out of it. First of all, we’ll all put our intentions on one thing, and each month (or so) it will be something different. Then after a few minutes of that, I’ll lead you into a guided meditation that helps you focus on YOUR OWN PERSONAL INTENTION. Then as a group, we’ll put our intentions on everyone else’s all coming to pass (for the greatest good of all involved). So what you’re getting is an hour of instructive effort that puts you in touch with your intention in a very powerful way, as well as a group of other people all focusing on your intention coming true. It’s like prayer group on crack!

We’ll also use brain synchronicity music in the background that helps slow your brainwaves and enables you to visualize more effectively. This stuff really works. Our first intention-setting will be on Julia Stanley-Metz, our local Sacramento yogi who was selected as one of the four finalist for the Lays potato chip competition (SAVE MANGO).  Julia’s good intention had her picked out of FOURTEEN MILLION SUBMISSIONS. If she wins, she can fulfill her dream of supporting caregivers with the gift of yoga, especially caregivers of Alzheimers, the disease her father suffers from. As a side-note, Julia did not set an intention to win. In fact, she simply set an intention for something nice to happen. When you set intentions from a clear heart-space, they manifest even faster. Just see how sweet she is on this video here.

NOW…Something very important to note: When you give, you get back. I honestly think that’s one of the reasons Julia was selected in the first place. You see, Julia has been deeply concerned about not only her father, but about how her mother’s been holding up since care givers are often survived by those they care for. Call it karma, good luck, or extra credit, but it’s true: what you give out, you get back. All the time, every time. So you see, even during the parts of our intention-setting for someone else, you are indeed increasing credit toward your own well-being.  Please join us and see what I mean:  

Saturday, October 11th, 2014  

Arden Hot Yoga, 4128 El Camino, Sac. 

12:30-1:30 PM (RSVP Required!)

Again, since this first one is free, we’re asking that you do not sign up unless you are absolutely certain you will attend because we will have to stop taking RSVP’s once we hit 50 people.

(Dress comfy, bring a mat or a towel. We’ll have chairs for those who prefer them, and you may wish to bring water)

BELIEVE You are in charge of you. The choices you make and the actions you take. Start now to meditate, medicreate, and intend. It will change your life.

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The Eternal Answer to Almost Everything


Aren’t you glad you only have to read this one blog post and then you’ll know all of everything for all of ever? Thank me later. Okay, before you write me off as being a little flippant about something as important as, say your life, just hear me out. Read the following sentence and see how it sits with your serious self. If you want to read the rest, well, who am I to stop you?

The answer to getting virtually anything you want is alignment. Your energy, attention, and actions must be in alignment with the intention you have set. Easy Breezy.

As simple as it sounds and as profoundly true as it is, it continues to be something the masses struggle with–even those who know it’s true (like me). Let’s break it down:

Energy. Your energy, your life force, your emotions–matter. Your heart’s magnetic energy radiates something like five football fields (don’t quote me on that). Like it our not, we all vibrate at a certain frequency that is either in alignment with our intentions, or not in alignment with them. The best way to keep your energy in alignment with whatever it is you have your little heart set on, is to capture and keep the feeling of having that intention already met. I’m not saying you need to dance around sprinkling rose petals all over the place, but by god, you ought to feel like you could.

Attention. Your attention must be in alignment with your intentions, too. If you are constantly distracted by late bills, bad boyfriends, dogs that bark for no reason (what? just me?) then you are not keeping your attention in alignment. Just think about this: if you won the lottery, for instance, would you really sweat the fact that your cell phone bill is so high, your boss is in a bad mood, or your mother called complaining (again)? Of course not. Keeping our focus on the things we desire in spite of the fact they’re not already here is the goal.

Action. Your action is two-fold. Granted you may still need to feed the cat, pay taxes, and tolerate your in-laws, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some kind of action every day that takes you toward your intention. Some examples might be: reading up on the topic, making a call, or sending an email. Even the simplest things move you in the right direction. The second part of action is in ‘acting as if.’ When we act as if we already have our intentions sitting in our laps, it’s easier to keep our energy and attention and activities all in alignment with them.

While you’ll need to read one of my books to learn more–okay, you could do a Google search too, but then how would I buy more wine?–the truth is that this is all supported by biology, psychology, quantum physics, and neuroscience.  We can create our intentions. The catch is that keeping our energy, attention, and actions in alignment with our intentions is beyond challenging for most of us. This is why what I call Medicreation is soooooo important.

We have to take time out from the external world and focus internally, getting everything in alignment with our intentions. That daily practice not only helps us attract more of what we want in life, it also helps keep the rest of the day–filled with external noise, distractions, and upsets–much more easy to manage. The saying is true: spend time within, or go without. Stay aligned and stay inspired. my friends. xoxo

What’s that? You want to buy my newest book that talks about all of this? Well sure!

Click here...for the more serious Workbook version, click here.



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Wanted: Ten Thousand Tooth Fairies

toothfairy2small Remember getting or putting a buck under a pillow? Well here’s your chance to rekindle that nostalgic moment and help someone out.  I’m a big believer that what we put out always comes back to us multiplied. This goes for love, money, the thoughts we think, or the words we say. Thus, whenever we do something that can truly help someone else out, we are simply taking advanced reservations of all  that good coming right back to us. Under our own pillow, if you will. Lisa Caza is a dear friend of mine. A very talented individual who offers her insights on this popular radio show, and does more than her fair share of helping people around the world with her special kind of counseling at a super affordable price. But now, she needs help. Lisa has had a hard life, and as a result, is very ill. She needs to have her teeth surgically removed to stop the terrible infection that’s taken over her body. I’ll let you read in her own words how this happened and what she is hoping for, but the bottom line is this: the woman needs some falsies. Teeth, I mean. So I figure that some people might be willing to play Tooth Fairy for a few minutes and pop a buck under her virtual pillow. I’m not sure if we can find 10,000 tooth fairies, but who knows, maybe some angels out there will match my 100 in the name of “good karma coming”? Anyway, here’s the link if you want to read more, fork up a buck or two, and do your good deed for the day. I know Lisa appreciates it madly and is embarrassed to ask for help, but at the end of her rope she is. Love you all, Tamara

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Energy & Adversity


I know it. I research  it. I read about it every  day, and when I’m not reading or writing books about it, I’m talking about it. So why then do I sometimes fall prey to the opposite of it? Because I’m human, dammit. And so are you. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s energy and adversity. Let me backtrack just a little. My theme in life is keeping myself and others inspired. I understand how the subconscious mind works, have a pretty good grasp on neuroscience and quantum physics, and have read (and written) more books than anybody ought to. I know the rules. Focus on the good stuff and leave the rest behind. Keep my energy vibrating high so I attract abundance and good parking spaces. I get it, and honestly, it works like a flipping charm.

But then. Those occasional  times (and I am so blessed they are only occasional), I forget what I know. I react to an external event, and then the snowball effect begins.

It starts innocently enough. I’m frustrated because I can’t get a hold of someone who owes me something. The more time that passes, the madder I get. My mind suddenly takes hold of the thought that this person is ignoring me, and suddenly, I can’t focus on anything else. How dare she! After all I’ve done for her!  I take a deep breath and realize what I just did to my energy and my body. First off, the reaction we can have in cases like this is chemical as much as it is emotional. So our fight or flight survival mechanism kicks into gear, releasing all sorts of cortisol and other neuortransmittors that aren’t doing anybody a darn bit of good.

Additionally, thoughts are things and where attention goes, energy flows. If we want a new car for example, we don’t commiserate over the fact that we don’t have one (I call this having a lack attack and you’d be better off consuming a Big Mac–ew). So knowing all this, I begin to reign my energy in, taking some deep breaths. Too late. I log onto my MLS and can’t get on. I have to look something up,  plus change the status of a listing I just sold. I call them. Some freak-o mistake that results in me having to call more people, sit on hold, and play the waiting game. This is ridiculous! How dare they….o0ps.  That’s when it hits me. I did this. I let my energy get stuck and dense over someone else. I allowed another person’s actions or in actions to let myself get all worked up and end up attracting more dumb stuff into my day.


I immediately closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and thought about something that made me smile. I did not open my eyes until I felt the energy of joy, love and forgiveness flood through my body. I knew I had to wash out those icky chemicals of anger with positive-feeling endorphins to get things back on track.

Adversity doesn’t always come through other people, either. Sometimes it’s a late bill, a lost job, or a flat tire. The point is, this thing we call life is all about learning to love ourselves and others and to recognize our power and our potential. Dumb stuff happens, but our job is to (eventually) learn to overcome it with grace and elegance. Sometimes a hard cry and a good glass of Pinot are required too, and that’s okay. To do our best to find a feeling that’s a little bit better than anger, frustration, or depression (the lowest on the energy scale). When something sets us off, we must take immediate action to shift that energy back to better so that we are not attracting more of what we don’t want.

As for me and my little hiccup? And it’s important to note that it was only a hiccup and that’s what I’m talking about here: most things really are not as significant as we give them credit for, thus our overreactions. Anyway, within minutes, and I do mean minutes, the person in question called me…her phone had been dead. I felt better and lighter.  I also had an unexpectedly awesome email,  a new virtual tour on one of my listings, and a handful of positive messages waiting for me online.

Life is good. Adversity presents opportunities to test ourselves and our resolve to keep the proper perspective on what really matters. Take 100% responsibility for the energy you bring into the room. Into the world. You got this.


If you want to read & hear more about intention-setting, how ’bout you pick up The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention”?  And while you’re at it, pick up the workbook too! 

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