Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our intentions never seem to manifest. Is it unreleased past trauma? Low self esteem, fear or self doubt? It’s important to remember that old issues can get stuck in our subconscious mind and hold us back in ways we don’t even realize. Many times this is the place to start. Intentions for Entrepreneurs comes next (or sometimes first), but the truth is, if you haven’t released past issues that your body and brain have memorized (and likely become addicted to), then chances to move forward may be stymied.

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Tamara has been a certified hypnotherapist for nearly 15 years. She also holds a degree in psychology, and has been certified in EFT since 1995. Her other areas of interest involve feng shui,yoga and meditation. Incorporating her understanding of meditation with hypnosis and EFT has enabled her to dive deeply into emotional and energetic blocks to help people gain confidence, self love and reach greater heights in their lives.


Tamara speaks or does workshops in yoga studios,  Unity churches and women’s groups


Tamara offers both group and individual coaching in this area

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