Can I Be Vulnerable For a Minute?

Life can be shitty. Sorry, but it had to be said. One of the things I pride myself on is my overall outlook on life. I do my very best to uplift and inspire everyone I come into contact with on a daily basis. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to put...

Door-Knocking Your Dopamine

First off, if you haven’t watched my Mindset Manifesto for real estate agents, take 30 minutes and watch this video: I’m going to share with you the secret sauce of agent success. Agents are changing their lives and growing their...

2017 Success Strategies to Start Now!

Why wait until January to consider some of the more internal steps we can start now to ensure an even better 2017? Here’s a few things to get you started. Get aligned. Let’s face it; most of us get our energy all out of whack this time of year. We’re more...

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