Nothing is Impossible

We know, at least on some level, that we “create our own reality.” We may be a little fuzzy on the science or wonder if it’s just some new age expression, but at any rate, we know that we are somehow responsible for our own success. After 20 years of...

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The 7 Secrets to Change Your Brain

This isn’t rocket science…in fact, it’s neuroscience. But if it’s science, why is it so dang hard? The answer to that is easy if you’re open to it. Are you open to it? While I could wax poetic all day long, one of us would get bored. So...

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Why Your Brain Thinks Gossip is Good

We all know what our grandmothers told us: If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. And we all smile knowingly at the line from the movie, Steel Magnolias, that goes: If  you can’t say something nice, sit next to me. Interestingly, it may not...

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Following The Fear Train

  From all my years of coaching and training others (including my entry-level days as a hypnotherapist), one thing I know for sure: Fear is a bitch. Pardon my bluntness, but seriously, when something is so pervasive it keeps you from living a life you love, a...

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Do You Have “It”?

  “Your internal obsession is simply your higher self urging you to get off the fence and take action. Make it happen. Now.” Rocky Marciano—undefeated Heavy Weight Champion of the World. The epitome of laser like focus. Also, he had what I call an...

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Women in Sales and Self-Esteem

 “Yet somewhere in my Cinderella mindset, I always fancied myself in a pumpkin carriage, being cared for like my cave-dwelling fore mothers. Protect me from that T-Rex and I’m yours forever.”   While I’ve used neuroscience, subconscious...

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Seeing The Self-Sabotage Mirage

      In the thousands of people I’ve talked to over the past pertaining to their own success, here is the question I most love to ask: “What stands in the way of your success?”   The answers are always quite revealing. When the...

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Speaking Of Alignment Tools

What in the heck is a Joy Journal, you ask? Well, it’s like this. In order to create your intentions you have to be in alignment with them. This isn’t based on airy-fair new-age gobbledy-gook either so quit rolling your eyes (I know who you are). This...

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Forget Resolutions!

Listen, if setting resolutions every January really worked, why are you still working on that same 10 pounds? There is an enormous difference in setting traditional New Year’s resolutions with setting Science-Based Intentions, and I can show you what that is....

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Belief Busting

As I research boatloads of studies on neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics for my new book–as well as continue to conduct workshops and coaching calls–one thing becomes glaringly true for intention-setters far and wide: our belief system can really...

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Holiday Survival Tips

  Holiday time can be stressful, no doubt. Even if you came from a perfect family, have no bills, no quarrels and no problems (and P.S. you are an anomaly). Just the traffic, long lines, trying to find the time to deck the halls and act all jolly takes its toll...

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The Universe Doesn’t Give Exams

  Sometimes I hear people say things like, “I guess the universe is testing me,” or “Why does the universe keep testing me like that?” (Add your own dramatic whining for impact). But, as my angel friend named Morty once told me, there are no quizzes in Heaven. So...

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Your Gift

I’m so excited to help you on your journey to a better life–after all, we’re all in this together, right? Choose Now, Simple Truths to Stay on Track is my new, short e-book that you can read a bit of each day. It’s filled with quotes from...

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Neuro Success Saves The Day!

Neuroscience is the sexiest thing since Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise if you ask me. Now don’t get me wrong; I’ve always been a big fan of the unknown powers of the mind (and Brad Pitt). Yeah, I was the kid at the garage sales spending her meager...

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Your Choice

Life is full of them. In fact, many of us fail to exercise our right to make them and that in and of itself is one of the main reasons for unhappiness. Taking responsibility for the fact that we always have choices is probably the biggest obstacle people face. I can...

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Dealing With Depression

The deeper I dive into neuroscience as it applies to our success, the more I realize how much our brains have to do with our moods, behaviors,  and actions (or inaction). The good news is that we can change our lives any way we want to. The bad news is, we may be so...

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