Wanted: Ten Thousand Tooth Fairies

Remember getting or putting a buck under a pillow? Well here’s your chance to rekindle that nostalgic moment and help someone out.  I’m a big believer that what we put out always comes back to us multiplied. This goes for love, money, the thoughts we...

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Energy & Adversity

I know it. I research  it. I read about it every  day, and when I’m not reading or writing books about it, I’m talking about it. So why then do I sometimes fall prey to the opposite of it? Because I’m human, dammit. And so are you. In case...

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Trust vs. Resistence

I used to hear this saying and thought is was a really neat rhyme. Then I started to understand it, all the while, being entirely too tough on myself. So wait, I’m thinking, if I resist pain, poverty and cellulite, then I’ll simply get more of it? Wow,...

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Are Belief Boards Better?

I’m all about any kind of tool that can help us stay on track and in the right state of mind to better intend and attract (even though I KNOW that our imaginations, meditations, actions, and attitudes are the true game-changers). That said, you may be familiar...

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Be Gentle, It’s my First Time

I’m serious. I’ve never done it before. What? You think I’m kidding? I swear on all that is holy I have never once, not in twelve books written, ever had a book launch event. Why, what did YOU think I was talking about? Keep it clean, would you? Kids are...

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Cosmic Coincidence?

Okay, so just for the record, I have never been one to think Jesus puts his face on bread like some boy said he saw in the East of France. Even if it was true, how would anyone in his right mind eat that toast? Could you imagine smearing butter over his beard?...

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Yoga Hop #10 – East Wind Yoga

Yoga Hop 2014: East Wind Yoga This week’s random thought: When we stay in the present moment it becomes nearly impossible to feel anything but good; to notice the small things that ordinarily don’t catch our full attention. A stranger’s smile, a...

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Yoga Hop #9 – Radiant Yoga

Yoga Hop 2014: Radiant   I had heard Radiant Yoga in Eldorado Hills would help me get nice and sweaty. I also heard that it was a different kind of heat. Now I understand that it’s radiant heat, hence the name of the studio. I’m sharp like that....

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Shoving White Light Your Way

Latest Yoga Hop  <——-Read it! Sexy New Video <——Watch it! Diva Awards  <——-Vote for Guru!                                             White Light I’ve been hearing this advice forever: send white light to those who...

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Yoga Hop 2014: Yoga Shala #8

Thought of the day: The deeper into a dedicated practice one goes, the easier it is to see that inside ourselves  is where all the action really happens, regardless of what our hips have to say about the matter. Yoga Shala! I’d heard about Yoga Shala.  In fact,...

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Yoga Hop 2014: One Flow Yoga #7

  Thought for the day:  The very best things in life are free. If you think about it, we scurry and worry and work really hard to have things we are sure will give us the feeling of joy we get, quite easily, from looking out at a sunset or marveling at a budding...

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Get Out of My Aura

This week: Reflections on Auras and soft spoons Yoga Hop #8 Shala Yoga Sexy Videos Shameless book promotion I’ve had Pam Oslie on the show before, and in fact, she’s one of the only people I know that reads auras, even through the telephone! (including...

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Yoga Hop 2014: Arden Hot Yoga #6

  When I first heard there was something called ‘Bar Yoga,’ I was like, Heck Yeah! I envisioned myself sipping a smooth Pinot while dipping into my downward dog, careful not to spill any on my mat. But alas, that is not the case. ‘Barre’ yoga does not, sadly,...

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Yoga Hop 2014: Zuda Midtown #5

My new beads from Zuda^^^^^^^^^^^^   Thought for the week:  No matter how much we try, we can never change another person. We can threaten, ignore, and stomp our feet like mad little yogis, but ultimately, we’re not changing anything except our own energy,...

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Yoga Hop 2014: Yoga Loka #4

This week’s thought: I recently read something about what separates wealthy people from poor people that I found very interesting. It said that wealthy people spend their time thinking about ideas, whereas less wealthy people spend their time thinking about other...

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Yoga Hop 2014: ASHA Yoga #3

  This Week’s Thought: When we find that space where it’s just us and our breath, we can remember who we really are because we are fully present. And in the state of being present, we can let go of the illusion that anything is ever separate from us.  We are all...

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Yoga Hop 2014: #2 Leap

When I committed to practicing  and blogging about 50 new yoga experiences this year, I didn’t realize there were only 33 area studios. So in order to reach my goal, I may find myself doing some double visits with different instructors or venturing outside of the...

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Your Underwear is Inside-Out

This week’s Blog is New and Sexy, right? Well, it IS. And mainly because it’s a new format…you know, like “real” bloggers have, with links and everything. Oh, and underwear. This week’s article: MIS-Manifestation  For the faint of...

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