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On Her New Book:

“Mind-Over Market” gives the clearest explanation of how creating an ideal outcome propels you towards the next best version of yourself. Tamara also writes with a sense of ease and friendliness that give you the feeling, ‘Yes, I can do this, and yes I will do this!” I highly endorsed this book.

Joe Stumpf, By Referral Only

Speaking Endorsements

“Having been in the real estate industry for close to 20 years I can tell you one of the best speakers and trainers around is Tamara Dorris. Her natural ability to connect with people gives her the extraordinary talent to help others figure out their own version of success! She is inspirational and really knows her *&^%$ (stuff)! I encourage you to jump at the opportunity to her speak at your next event!”    ~Marguerite Crespillo, Broker/Owner Sellstate Realty, Rocklin, CA

“I hired Tamara to speak at a “Social Media & Real Estate” conference for First American Title sales and sales management staff in 2012. She was by far the most outstanding speaker of the conference. What set her apart was her informal, down-to-earth speaking presence; no textbook oratory here but rather plain speaking “here are the facts you need to know” delivery. The attendees were very impressed with her knowledge, confidence, and personal track record for success. She genuinely “practices what she preaches”…her talk was filled with examples not of what others are doing but of what she herself does to achieve success. I would hire her again as soon as an opportunity presented itself.” ~Alan Arora, VP, Customer Facing Technology, First American Title Insurance Corp.  (2010-2013)

“Tamara brings it all to the table when speaking… humor, real life experience and solutions and mostly the balance that we all forget. She lives the life she speaks of and writes about, and is simply captivating and endearing.” ~Debbie Kirkland, Broker/Owner First Story Real Estate, FL

“Tamara’s presentation and coaching has helped me pave my own path (it was a messy one) to my success through her teachings. Where others just preach words, she guides us past those words and show us how they really work, she makes sure we understand so we can be true to our best selves. Her teachings touched so many areas of my life, not only has it brought me success in my business, from that has opened a whole new world for me, I see things differently, I smell things differently and most of all I am smiling differently (genuine) now. For this I cannot thank her enough. The one thing I will never forget is that she taught me how to give this to others as well. Nothing more rewarding than that! Someday (very soon I see) I will have some type of your coaching provided for all my Agents, I want them to have this experience. With this experience my Agents will be the best in the Industry. I am grateful our paths crossed! Now, I am off to enjoy a little bit of work and my LIFE!” ~Lisa Drake, Realtor (broker to-be), First Choice Realty & Associates, Citrus Heights, CA

“Tamara Dorris spoke for WCR twice in my years of involvement with the Sacramento Chapter, and both times, she hit a home run. Her expertise, her style and wit put her at the top of the list of my favorite speakers.” ~Judy Brooks, Former Representative with Placer Title, Sac


Book Testimonials

“I really, really, really love Tamara Dorris and her new book, The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention. And I’ll tell you why. Like lots of books, it’s profound and has really important intel that we all need to know. But this book makes that really important stuff fun to learn. It’s told in a refreshingly humorous style with the help of an irreverent angel named Morty.  Don’t ask. Just get this book.”

~Pam Grout, author of New York Times #1 Bestseller, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality


“I am LOVING Tamara’s book, Mind Over Market. Wow! Every other page gives me an AHA moment (don’t you love those?) and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing else on the “market” like this specifically for real estate agents. Tamara perfectly walks the line between spirituality and practicality, so even if you tend to lean toward one side or the other, you’ll find plenty here to suit you. And of course, as with her other books, Tamara’s “voice” is delightfully casual – no preaching or holier-than-thou rhetoric here. Well done!”

~Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn,  Author of Sell with Soul and The Exceptional Real Estate Agent


“We know now that the human brain can be rewired to change behavior and outcomes. Tamara’s combined expertise in mind sciences, personal performance, and business make Mind Over Market a must-have for every kind of real estate professional, everywhere!”

~Rose Caiola, Founder/CEO- Rewire Me, Principal Member- Bettina Equities Company

“After selling thousands of homes in my real estate career, and teaching hundreds of agents, I know for a fact that mindset is a huge contributor to any real estate professional’s practice. When one pays close attention to what they are thinking about, it can be truly career changing! Tamara’s expertise in neuroscience and quantum physics, along with her own experience in the industry, will help open-minded agents see their business in a new way and really build the business of their dreams!”

~Marguerite Crespillo, Top Producer, Real Estate Trainer, Speaker and Coach

“Using the techniques in this book is the same way I built a multi-million dollar company….”

~John Assaraf, Best selling author & one of The Secret teachers

“If you want to know how to succeed, you have to read this book.”

~Jack Canfield, Co-Author of Chicken Soup For the Soul, Teacher in The Secret

“….full of ideas and insights you can use to enjoy greater success.”

~Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author

“Achingly funny and impossibly wise.”

~Jenna McCarthy,  Author of

“I don’t usually read a book from start to finish at one time, but I couldn’t put this one down. You had me from the start at the worst day for a real estate agent and I see all yoga places different since.”

~Tammy Newland, Women’s Council of Realtors President 2013


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