Quality Conversations

The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our conversations with our selves and others. In this discussion, Tamara incorporates ways we can improve both conversations, while suggesting each are a direct reflection of one another; we can’t work well with others unless our self-image is certain. Half personal development and half professional development, this training brings the science and psychology to our interactions and our internal mind-sets.

Bring Your Brain to Success

An off-shoot of “Quality Conversations,” this shorter training focuses on the employee or sales person interested in increased production, profit, and performance. Using the latest neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and brain biology, Tamara helps people overcome past programming, procrastination, and fear of rejection, while teaching them the simple but sure steps to master self-success.

Want a Crazy, Fun Off-Site?

While this “training” can be given on or off site, it makes for a perfect team-building, self-enhancing treat. Incorporating the major ideas from “Bring Your Brain to Success,” this is the opportunity to put the ideas into practice. From experiencing her actual “Medicreation” techniques (hypnosis/mental rehearsal/meditation combined), to very gentle yoga stretches, employees will feel as if their minds have had a massage, and all the while, be raring to re-focus and strive for increased production, performance, and success.


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