What is Medicreation?

Medicreation is a combination of meditation, visualization and hypnosis. Additionally, we add emotions because as the HeartMath Institute’s studies have shown, the magnetic field of the heart is key to reducing stress and creating better quality lives. The brain entrainment tones help our brain waves slow down and our body relax faster. This is useful in today’s busy society when people seldom can calm down long enough to meditate in a traditional manner (which has immense medical and mental health benefits says the Mayo Clinic).


Once we are in a completely relaxed state we bring up the intention we are working on. This is the visualization component. It’s important to see and feel very clearly whatever it is you would like to experience in  your life. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between something real or imagined, so with enough repeated sessions, your subconscious mind will begin to “believe” you have and are really experiencing that which you are imaging in a relaxed state. This is how hypnosis works. If You’re Science-Minded Read This.



 Other Considerations

1) Be sure to take care of the health of your brain. It must be fully functioning in order to operate at a high level. Eat well, drink plenty of water and minimize harmful chemicals including caffeine and alcohol (I know).

2) Try new things. When you learn something new your brain creates new neural connections. This helps your brain grow with something we call “neruoplasticity.”

3) Stay positive. Studies conclusively show that a positive outlook and joyful feelings cause the release of feel-good chemicals that strengthen your immune system, giving your more energy to accomplish your goals.




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