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Tamara conducts office, company, and association classes and training in a variety of topics that range from mindset to social media; to marketing, lead generation and client communications. She has two classes (Seller Success and Buyer’s Are Not Liars! that have been CE approved in two states or can be taught anywhere without CE credit). From a 1-hour keynote to a half or full day training–or your off-site event that requires entertaining training–Tamara’s vast experience in the real estate industry, her research and education, as well as more than a decade of professional speaking and training make her a sure-win to give your agents the information they need to help get them and keep them on track.  Please contact Tamara directly to schedule a time to talk.

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Tamara conducts special training  based on her books, research, her own agency, and interviewing nearly 1,000 top producers across America. Tamara trains groups and offices in the techniques of building referral and relationship businesses.

“Wow! Every other page gives me an AHA moment (don’t you love those?) and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing else on the “market” like this specifically for real estate agents. Tamara perfectly walks the line between spirituality and practicality, so even if you tend to lean toward one side or the other, you’ll find plenty here to suit you. And of course, as with her other books, Tamara’s “voice” is delightfully casual – no preaching or holier-than-thou rhetoric here. Well done!”  

Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, Author of Sell with Soul

Ultimately, agents and brokers both want to build referral-based businesses.

Referral-based businesses have a lot to do with communications. And in order to even have the opportunity to have someone to communicate with, leads must be generated. Everyone knows that the so-called ‘secret’ to success centers around generating leads, right? And that the systems and scripts are the key to getting and closing those lead. Hmmmm….if that’s true, then why aren’t more agents successful?

Because systems and script don’t work. At least not on their own. The real magic comes from the individual working with the scripts and the systems. The habits of the agent are everything, and underneath that, is the beliefs, fears, and self doubts that are holding most people back. Did you know people on the other end of the phone can sense fear? Tamara focuses her training on helping participants get to the heart of the matter, both figuratively and literally.

Agents are taught how their current neural networks are responsible for their habits that take them toward their sales goals or away from them. They’re also led to understand and change subconscious beliefs that are likely holding them back from the success they are entirely capable of. In addition to sound scientific strategies Tamara incorporates, she introduces the basics of quantum physics to the help participants understand that their thoughts and expectations have everything to do with their outcomes. Finally, her expertise in human psychology and communications, allow her to teach the secrets to building long-term client relationships, social media success, and even the skills of reading body language, all to your agents’ overall sales success.

Tamara’s training can be full or half day, and can include the book and workbook. If you’re interested in considering this kind of training to take address the real issues that plague most agents, schedule a time to talk.

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