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Unlike most coaches, my One-on-One doesn’t come in a box. I believe in quality over quantity and I guarantee my work, when you do your work. I mentor in both the real estate and the non real estate arenas, however, I’m best suited for you if you have a MASSIVE MISSION and an INTERNAL OBSESSION.

Since I personally like to have an idea what I’m getting when I invest in my own mentoring, I’ll give you a typical breakdown of what my Exclusive, One-on-One Program looks like:

In-Take Call: Plan on at least 45-60 minute for this. We not only need to get crystal clear on your ideal outcome (even if you think you already have done that–let’s dig deeper). From that, we’ll also poke around at potential obstacles and identify the previously programmed beliefs that may have been standing in your way up until this point. One of our MAIN goals in working together is to re-wire your brain for success. When that happens, old self-limiting programming falls away. It takes a commitment on your part, but we’ll use proven techniques to make it happen.

Your Practice: I’ll provide you with both a 20 minute Mp3 to Medicreate with, AND a guided (with words) session (this will be recorded over Isochronic sound waves as well). Please note, agreeing to a daily practice is required for this program. If you are not willing to partake, this program probably isn’t for you. If you want to read more about this, click here and here.

Weekly Check-ins: This varies from person to person, but with most clients, we private message at least once a week, and then we have a mid-month check-in phone call to check on progress. That phone call may be 15 minutes or longer. This will vary, depending on what’s going on. It’s what you need and what I think you need.

Monthly Accountability: Again, this varies with goals and time-lines, but the fact remains that promising me  you’re going to do something means you’re going to do it. No excuses. I hold your feet to the fire–and that includes your daily (Medicreation) practice, your diet and exercise (if we agree that’s part of your personalized program), and your actual actions. At the end of each month, we have our month-end call. Plan on at least 30 minutes. We’ll look at what you’ve accomplished against the plan and see what didn’t happen and why. We’ll also set your commitment for the next month.

Homework: While I am 100% confident that people can accomplish anything once the mental work is addressed, I also know we need to take action to make things happen. Your marketing, networking, and sales skills are essential. Whether you sell houses or are starting a new business, getting your doctorate or writing a book, we’ll pick a few things to implement and then those are the things we’ll follow through on until they stick. I’m passionate about personal branding, social media, technology, and creative marketing, so if you aren’t, don’t worry, and if you are, we’re going to have a great time!

The bottom line is this: We all need someone to believe in us who is willing to tell us the truth, push us harder, and keep us on task. If you aren’t reaching your maximum potential, I can absolutely help you–as long as you do the work, guaranteed. The truth is  that there is nothing better than knowing someone else is 100% invested in your success. I only work with clients I thoroughly believe in, and I make your mission my mission. I pay, and have paid, twice as much for my own mentoring, and I charge plenty (but way less than I currently pay) because I choose to work with fewer clients so I can spend more time and energy on each one (see below if the money thing is driving you crazy).

If you recognize the power of personal coaching, the sciences of change, and the benefits of accountability, this might be right for you. Let’s set up a time to chat to see if the synergy and the timing is right.

Oh, P.S., if you’re anything like me, you just want to know the price without having to talk to someone. Do you know why this is? Because money-talk scares most people. Many of us have an innate fear of being pushed into something we don’t want to do. I’m not a pusher. In fact, I don’t work with every person who applies because this is a marriage of sorts, and we have to be on the same wave-length, right? That said, I’m happy to cut to the chase and share my fees with you, but still, that doesn’t change the fact that I require an intake call. I won’t take your money unless I feel 100% confident I can help you rock your world. Here’s to your success!

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