Summary Bio 

(this is first person because I can’t stand to talk about myself like I’m not even in the room)

–College/University Professor 12 years (Real Estate & Communication courses)

–Real Estate Coach, Author, & Agent, 25 years

–Author of 16 Books (the science of personal performance, sales psychology, subconscious studies)

–Interviewed almost 1,000 top producing agents

–Specialist in Psychology, Neuroscience & Quantum Physics

–Speaker/consultant/training in Real Estate & Communications


While pursuing an undergrad in psychology, I became fascinated with the subconscious mind and began studying hypnosis, earning my certification and setting up a small hypnotherapy practice  (while being mentored by one of Sacramento’s top premier psychotherapists and sharing her office).

After earning my master’s degree in Language & Communications, I became certified in EFT, Silva Mind Control and and have been coached by the top minds in neuropsychology and real estate.  I have researched and written 16 books (and counting) on personal performance, professional success, with a bend toward science.

My book, “Mind Over Market” was an amazon # 1 best seller and is focused on helping real estate professionals understand and establish the proper mindset, marketing, and media use so they can grow their businesses exponentially.

As an adjunct professor of real estate for the past 13 years, my expertise includes: Practices, ethics, principles,law, economics, and finance. I’ve developed Landlord Tenant curriculum for Cal Trans, and  several other real estate education institutions.

My teaching through Sac State, in the College of Continuing Education over the past 12 years includes workshops in: Conflict Resolution,  Interpersonal Communications, Public SpeakingCritical Thinking, Supervisory Training, Train the Trainer, and Real Estate. 

I continue to facilitate a variety of courses and workshops through Sacramento State University’s College of Continuing education for State Agencies and Private Corporations including Communications, Personal Leadership, Strengths-Based Leadership, Real Estate, Team Building, and Presentation Skills.

In addition to hosting my own radio show for several years that focuses on personal and professional development, I have also been the guest on more than 100 other shows, both Internet and traditional radio as well as repeated visits on morning news shows. I’ve been quoted as an expert in several national print and online publications including Seventeen, Oxygen, and

Using the very techniques I teach and write about on communications, psychology, spirituality, and neuroscience studies, I was able to work part-time in real estate sales, earning FULL-TIME  income in one of the worst markets in history.

I incorporate science, psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics into my coaching, writing, and teaching, including my studies in yoga, meditation, Feng Shui and physical wellness. 

With respect to real estate:

First licensed in 1989, I was later employed with the California Association of Realtors where I worked several years. After finishing graduate school, I left CAR (as the marketing communications manger for REBS), and started my own coaching and counseling practice. I soon after began teaching real estate at the college-level, and decided to get my license again, but this time, I applied all of the science I had learned so that I could ROCK my business. And I did.
I’ve since helped other agents do the same. I’ve spoken at various events, including several WCR events, CAR, Florida Association, North Bay Association, Virginia Association, Nebraska Association, private firms and more. I run a real estate facebook page that inspires agents every day, offer a high-end coaching program as well an an entry-level one, and I thrive on inspiring and education agents all around the world, and I’ve been interviewed on the top real estate radio and podcasts in the US.


Some of the teachers and trainers that have influenced my work beyond communications include:

Brain Science/ Biology/Neuroscience:  Dr. John B. Arden, The HeartMath Institute, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Candace Pert, Don Joseph Goewey, Dr. Joe Dispenza,

Psychology/Personal Development: Carl Jung, John Bradshaw, Andrea Lambert (personally mentored), Katie Byron, Tony Robbins, Felix Dennis, Steve Chandler, Jack Canfield

Hypnosis: Milton Erikson, Richard Bandler (NLP) , Jose Silva (certified in 2003),  Steve Jones

Metaphysics/Quantum Physics: Edward Cayce, Shakti Gawain, A Course in Miracles, Louise Hay, Ester Hicks, John Assarf (personally mentored),  Dr. Gregg Braden, Pam Grout, David Cameron Gikandi, Rhonda Byrne, Fred A. Wolf, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Michael Green

Energy Work: EFT (certified by founder, Gary Craig in 2004), Richard Gerber, Dr. Bach, Donna Eden, Dr. Eric Pearl

Quantum Physics: Lynn McTaggart, David Bohm, Michael Talbot, Neals Bohr, Albert Einstein (of course), Alistair Rae, Bruce Rosenblum

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