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Inspire and educate the audiences at your events. Tamara’s topics are all centered around personal and professional development and designed to help real estate professionals lead better lives, using the latest and most effect sciences and technologies possible.


Topics: Lead generation, marketing, overcoming fear and procrastination, rewiring your brain

The thoughts we think and the things we do (or don’t do) are largely subconscious in nature. In fact, many of our ‘bad habits’ are on autopilot. Imagine the difference it would make in your audiences businesses if they could each replace one bad habit (procrastination, overeating, wasting time) with one good habit (sticking to the schedule, going to the gym, making phone calls). Ultimately, fear is behind most bad habits. Fortunately, neuroscience and subconscious programming teach us how to re-wire our brains for better habits and bigger businesses. This training teaches audiences the basic steps to understand the bad habit cycle and how to break it.


Topics: Overcoming objections, client communications, conflict resolution

In business, clearly the way we connect with clients, prospects and referral sources is in fact more important than any other facet of any business. Even the best lead-generation method out there wont reap the rewards of closed transactions if the person can’t communicate effectively. Building rapport, creating trust, and curtailing conflict are all based on neuroscience, linguistics and communications theory. Beyond pushy persuasion skills that rarely result in relationship and referral-based businesses, this training focuses on the the keys of interactions that span from social media to seller objections (this training can be social-media only focused too).


Topics: Mindful achievement, creating a value-based business, ideal outcomes

Maybe the granddaddy of them all, but let’s be clear what motivation means. This isn’t about “Rah Rah! Let’s go” kind of motivation. This is about internal drive. Internal drive is what makes agents self-starters who are able to move through fear and focus on greatness. This key factor is the difference between high producers and stagnant complainers. To find that fire that makes an agent want to hop out of bed in the morning and get to business requires a few things. First of all, the effectiveness lies in what I call “mindful motivation.” Mindful motivation is about getting clear on your values and attaching them to an ideal outcome that’s so exciting you can hardly believe it could happen. In this training, audiences learn not only how to reveal their values, but they’ll learn the art of Medicreation and mental rehearsal which will keep them internally on fire and driven to succeed.

Want the Whole Enchilada?

Tamara offers key-note, half-day or full-day trainings that combine all three of these elements in any customized way so that your audience can bust through bad habits, self-limiting beliefs and fear, while developing the real secret skills to win over clients and prospects. Importantly, they’ll understand how to discover their internal drivers, install them, and rock their real estate businesses upward. Mindful motivation, when combined with mental rehearsal, not only re-wires our neurology, but interacts with natural laws that make success almost automatic.

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