This isn’t rocket science…in fact, it’s neuroscience. But if it’s science, why is it so dang hard? The answer to that is easy if you’re open to it. Are you open to it? While I could wax poetic all day long, one of us would get bored. So let’s just make this simple, shall we? Here’s the process, stripped free of all the extra information you may not feel like reading. Ready?

  1. The majority of your neural networks (programming and beliefs) were formed by the time you turned seven years old.  Trust me, most of us have some crappy programming.
  2. Many of your beliefs and programming are negative and unconscious.
  3. Up to 90% of your daily thinking comprises those unconscious and negative programming and beliefs.
  4. Your brain is designed to “show you” what you perceive to be true; good, bad or indifferent.

  6. The reason it’s so hard to break through our past programming is because we are constantly focused on our external environment and what we don’t want. 
  7. In order to make these changes we have to operate at a level of consciousness that makes it possible, which includes a relaxed body and brain. In this relaxed state, new experiences can be programmed (wired) in, creating new neural pathways that too, can become automated and replace the old ones that have been holding us back.


We read this, nod our head and know it could be true, then we go back to checking our texts, Facebook, and looking at our butt in the mirror. Really? Ask yourself, if you REALLY believed you could change your life, solve your biggest challenges, and experience the abundance you swear you’re committed to having, all by just doing something every day for 20 minutes, wouldn’t you do it every single day? Sometimes even twice a day? Of course you would.

No one said it was easy to quiet your brain and create a new experience, add joyful emotion and then live like it was happening now. But when we make that commitment–when we decide to change–it’s like the universe opens up and conspires in our favor. This isn’t your mama’s meditation. This is co-creation from a scientific perspective. It works when you work it.

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