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Are you an ALPHA Agent? Alpha Agents operate on the alpha brain wave much of the time. That’s what makes them more successful than the rest of the real estate agents in the world. And let’s remember, success isn’t just selling a lot of houses; it’s about having health, wealth, family, and fun. The science behind personal achievement–namely neuroscience and quantum mechanics–shows us that success can be created or is predicated by the way we think and use our brain. Ultimately, everything from the way you look at life to the number of transactions you close each month, are all brain-based occurrences. Basically, we can use the term “mindful” in place of “alpha,” but for our purposes they mean the same thing.

Being a mindful agent doesn’t mean you need to chant your way to the next listing appointment (please don’t) or break into a yoga pose at the monthly MLS meeting (might be fun?). Instead, being a mindful agent has a much deeper meaning than any of that. Ultimately, being a mindful agent simply translates into being present and serving while creating abundance and joy.But in order to accomplish that, we need to first achieve a degree of mental mastery. That mental mastery comes from your alpha brain waves.

Sounds simple, right?

The problem with most agents who are not experiencing abundant businesses centers around the fact that they are doing instead of being. Huh? You know, doing. Reluctantly calling expireds and past clients, sheepishly asking for leads on social media, and maybe now and then dropping off a notepad in a much-neglected farm area. Now there’s nothing wrong with any system you decide to implement, however, there is everything wrong with not first BEING the agent who is present, abundant-minded, and working from a heart of service. We’ve got to get your brain on board for all of that to happen.

Is this beginning to make sense?

I see social media ads like crazy that promise the latest, greatest sure-fire way for any agent to explode their commissions and blow the competition out of the water. Sounds messy to me–all that exploding and blowing up. Here’s the truth: there isn’t anything new under the real estate success sun. It’s like this: you find people who want to buy or sell property. Is there any other way to put it? And that boils down to basic process: find those people and win their business.

After 26 years in this industry–as an agent, professor, trainer, coach, and author…oh, and I worked at the California Association of Realtors for several years if you want to count that–I have seen thousands of agent in action. Most of them doing (beta brain waves). It’s always the ones who are being (alpha brain waves) that rise to the top. And while technology certainly adds to the methods we can employ to the age-old systems, there is still nothing new under the sun; you are looking for people who need your services with real estate.

Just to be clear, and to not be considered any kind of systemless guru who tells you to meditate on a new listing while dangling a crystal in the moonlight (please don’t), let’s review the basic systems that make this industry go:

  • FSBO’s
  • Expireds
  • Cold Calling
  • Referrals & Repeats (my favorite and my coaching focus)
  • Mailings
  • SOI
  • Open Houses
  • Lead Generation Websites, Systems, Programs
  • 800 Numbers (& those horrid yellow signs)
  • Classified Ads
  • Bus Stops (just don’t)
  • Billboards
  • Social Media (this is the only thing truly new, but it still boils down to attracting people who want your help with buying or selling real estate)

Anyway, if I missed one, sue me, but the point remains the same. You can tell 100 agents to pick a couple of those and to be consistent, yet only a handful of agents will prevail. Fewer than that will rise to the very top of the industry. Why is that? Because doing is not being, and being starts with cultivating the mindful agent attitude and becoming an Alpha Agent.

Some people think I teach my agent students to meditate, but it spans well beyond that. I incorporate brain entrainment technology with something I call “Medicreation.” In simple terms, numerous sciences support the benefits of basic meditation anyway, right? Well my focus is on how the sciences support an even more profound idea, and that is, that your state of mind has an impact on your business (and life) in ways you might not currently be aware of.

For instance, neuroscience tells us that our thoughts (and meditation) changes our brain for the better; subconscious studies show us that thoughts shape our habits and beliefs. Biology shows us that our thoughts dramatically impact our biochemistry which, medicine shows, has everything to do with our health ( stress/depression/joy). Quantum physics illustrates that on a subatomic level consciousness (thought) absolutely has an effect on matter. And finally, the newest branch of genetics, “epigenetics,” demonstrates that we are not stuck with our genetic destiny because gene signals can be turned on or off, quite possibly with thought and emotion. Interesting stuff,  but what does any of this have to do with your real estate business?


You see, an Alpha Agent is present. When you apply certain practices–like meditation (among other things)–you are better able to navigate through an industry filled with stressful distractions and disruptions. You are confident and competent, and able to move through fear calmly. You are also able to attract ideal clients and serve them greatly. When you are being your best you, you are attracting like-minded individuals. When you are working with people you adore, service becomes your main objective. Always. And from that, the abundance flows and grows.

Mindful agents understand that the being comes before the doing, but ultimately, both need to be firmly in place in order to dominate your share of the great American Dream: being your community’s solution when it comes to real estate transactions. You’ll have to take inspired action, implement consistent systems–quite likely make yourself accountable to a like-minded coach or mastermind group–but it all starts with that simple term: Alpha Agent. An Alpha Agent is an agent of change. Be that.

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