Training Topics

Programs can be customized to fit your company or agency needs, and can vary in time from 2-hour sessions to full-day training.


Collaborative Communications

While this training addresses conflict management and resolution, it also assumes focus on avoidance and prevention. Integrating reverse role playing, empathy, and outcomes-based theory, leaders will experience employee interactions in an improved manner. Understanding one’s strengths as a manager and how to best utilize them to interact with staff is the first step to effective employee interactions. Recognizing  that conflict is a normal part of any professional environment allows us to focus on ways to prevent, resolve, and minimize the damages from employee upset—even grow from the experiences. Incorporating contemporary conflict resolution theory with strengths-focused interactions, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience assures the most effective approach at improved employee interactions that will result in increased collaboration, productivity, and profit.


Empowered Interactions

This is a hands-on, interactive, enjoyable training that allows employees to better understand empathy, ego, and improved outcomes-based focus. All aspects of our personal and professional lives are affected by our ability to effectively communicate with the people around us. This class focuses on strengthening one’s communication foundation for improved interactions and increased upward mobility potential. By exploring our individual communication style and developing an appreciation for the styles of others, participants will walk away with a greater understanding of how they can relate better with co-workers, supervisors, and staff. We’ll also address verbal cues and body language, as well as reading them in others.


No Fear Presentations Skills

Our ability to effectively present ourselves to others is perhaps one of our most important skills of all. Most people are petrified of speaking in public, or making professional presentations to even a small group of others. Likewise, many people are afraid of cold-calling or even telephone canvassing. This class, which can be customized for your needs, is not only about traditional and typical public speaking skills. Rather, Tamara incorporates dozens of studies on some of today’s most well revered speakers, including many from TED TALKS, to deliver the true keys to effective presentations. Likewise, she contributes her vast knowledge in neuroscience and brain chemistry to address the fear often associated with speaking, from hypnosis to EFT to mental rehearsal to result in more confident, clear deliveries. (Note: for sales teams, this latter portion can be intensified) (Tamara also coaches executives privately).


Stress Less, Produce More

It’s no surprise that stress contributes to everything from heart attacks, strokes, and cancer, to less efficient work performance, low moral, and absenteeism. While many companies and agencies seek to provide specific skills to staff, the smart ones recognize that stressed out employees prohibit even the best instruction from sinking in and sticking to the pre-frontal cortex (the part of the brain that shuts down when stress is being experienced). Stress is an epidemic in offices and work-environments around the country, but thanks to brain-based therapies and neuroscience, there are ways that we can re-wire the stressed brain to make it more effective, relaxed, and healthy. Tamara incorporates her knowledge in these sciences, along with her expertise in hypnosis, meditation, and yoga, to teach evidence-back practices that will help employees learn to manage and dramatically reduce stress.


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