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Subliminal Programming Information & Instruction

In addition to your daily Medicreation practice, this week you’ll start incorporating subliminal programming into your regimen. First I’ll explain what subliminal programming is, and then I’ll give you my suggested use.

When we Medicreate, we are using our conscious minds to connect and instruct our subconscious minds through the art of images and emotions. However, when we have self-doubt or deeply rooted limiting beliefs, they can keep us stuck. The purpose of subliminal programming then, is to by pass your conscious mind altogether.

With subliminal recordings, positive affirmations and instructions are embedded just under the ordinary hearing level of listeners. So as you listen, you only will hear music or sounds of nature, depending on which program you are listening too. One thing I want to point out is that while I have been researching and experimenting with subliminal programming for almost 20 years now, there are mostly “fake” programs out there. In other words, there is little or no evidence that they are effective. They’ve not gone through scientific studies of any kind.

That said, I use a company that has been highly tested with a high rate of efficacy. That means, in simple terms, THEY WORK!!!! The company I recommend has hundreds of different topics as well, from quitting smoking to creating a better memory. The strategy is that when we incorporate subliminal programming with our Medicreation practice, we are speeding up the process of creating new neural networks and realizing faster results.

While I mentioned that there are a great many topics you can experiment with, I want you to commit to the one I have provided in this section. This is for telephone sales, and it will help you gain confidence and command when you are in any kind of sales situation. Moreover, it will help you put phone fear behind you. Please note, this is not an audio you can share with others. When you are ready to invest and expand, I will provide you with the link, but these are not my recordings and are copyright protected, so this one is for you only.

Read my suggested usage below.


Unlike guided meditations or binaural beats that relax your brain, you can listen to subliminal recordings any and all the time. Here are some of the times I listen to mine:

  • Right now when I’m typing this at my computer
  • On my ipod when I walk the dogs
  • At the gym on the cardio machine
  • In my car when I’m driving
  • Sometimes at night if I don’t feel like a guided meditation, or if I wake up in the middle of the night. I often listen to a recording throughout the entire night and wake up feeling refreshed and on fire to start the day!

Remember, focus on this single recording for the rest of our coaching program. You have the rest of your life to experiment and buy others, but my research has found that the affirmations included here are just what you need to master your market!

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