Yoga Workshops

Workshops that take place in a yoga studio are a little (a lot) different then when they’re held in an office or different venue. In a yoga studio people bring their mats and we do both sitting meditation as well as laying down Medicreation. We also some kinds of movement, whether it’s gentle stretching or energy tapping. We also may say “Aummmm” and “Namaste.” 🙂



Our neuro-circuitry causes most of our actions (or in-actions) to be on auto-pilot. Thus, we’ve got to understand how to harness the magnificent power of our minds by creating new neural pathways that result in new behaviors and moods that will result in the changes we need to make in order to have the life we want. Brainwave science and the subconscious mind are discussed, and Medicreation explained and experimented with. This workshop is based on science and psychology and involves journaling, getting clear on our intentions, and a 30-minute Medicreation session.

Next Neural Intentions Event:     November 15th, AHA Yoga, Fair Oaks  1-3 PM  $50


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