All of Tamara’s workshops and talks discuss creating serious change and usually incorporate all the facets below, however, since there’s so much information in each area, she tends to focus on one at a time.  Her combined knowledge in neuroscience,  quantum psychics and psychology enable her to incorporate life-changing, intention-getting results in her workshops and her coaching programs.  Start by reading her book, “The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention,”and the accompanying Workbook to start now!



Build a Better Business Brain!  Regardless of your business, this workshop will help you improve it by helping you to identify the beliefs that stand in your way and to install new ones that better serve your performance and productivity. This workshop incorporates all the same elements as Neural Intentions (below), but adds brain health, stress reduction, the fear factor, conflict avoidance. Plus you’ll take time for mental rehearsal and masterminding with like-minded entrepreneurs. Leave with a solid plan to overcome whatever obstacles that seem to be standing in your way to create a better business by using your brain in new ways.

Next Bring Your Brain to Your Business 1/2 Day Workshop

    Summer 2015, Sacramento



Our intentions start at a mental level with an idea that can be energized and connected to the quantum field. The quantum field is based on researched, scientific fact and we now know that mind truly can affect matter. What stops our intentions from manifesting on the physical plane is our counter-intentions. Only when you totally immerse yourself in the practice of “being” the change you want, can true change occur. This workshop focuses on creating change on a soulful level and always includes a Medicreation meditation.

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