Whether you’re in sales (and everyone is to some extent) or just have a major goal you need support with, do it the smart way by relying on neuroscience and proven methods.  This kind of coaching is not for re-wiring bad beliefs (but what we focus on does help with that a bit)  for that kind of work, try Inner-Empowerment coaching. This option of coaching and speaking is for the professionally-focused individual or group that is ready to take their businesses to the next level and who understands the power of the mind and positive emotions in success and accomplishment. Instead of masterminding and brain storming, we storm your brain and master you mind!                                                                                                                                                  

In order to BE what you were DESTINED to BE…You Need to manage your mind and emotions while programming your brain for success. Using a combination of neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics, and meditative/hypnotic programming, let’s re-wire your brain, raise your vibrations, and get your dream career on track! Tamara has successfully ran a real estate practice working part time, earning full time income by practicing the techniques she teaches here. She’s also written 14 books, gone to graduate school previously while working full time and raising four young children. Re-wiring your brain works, and she can show you how!

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Art of Intending for Entrepreneurs Workshop or Keynote Presentation

Workshop or Seminar Do you recognize the power of intention? Of declaring out loud and in writing just what you are seeking? In this  This two hour workshop you will identify your desires, declare them with passion, discover how to override emotional and energetic blocks that stand in the way, and cement your positive intentions into your subconscious mind with a guided meditation.

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